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    Luxurious Accommodations at the Hunting Grounds

    Last updated 5 months ago

    At The Hunting Grounds, we offer a fully inclusive hunting experience, complete with beautiful grounds and luxurious accommodations. When you plan your next hunting trip with us, you will stay in our world class lodge. The rooms inside the lodge are fully equipped with all of the comforts you need after a long day out in the field. You will enjoy five star accommodations, including gourmet meal services, a fully equipped game room, flat-screen televisions, and everything else you need to enjoy your stay. We pride ourselves on making The Hunting Grounds a home away from home for our satisfied guests.

    To learn more about the luxurious accommodations that await you when you stay at The Hunting Grounds, call us today at (870) 405-6469. When you come to our Missouri game ranch, we will help you design the trophy hunting experience that you have always dreamed of. We look forward to hosting your next hunting trip on our beautiful property. 

    Tips for Hunting Wild Turkey

    Last updated 6 months ago

    Wild turkey hunting is one of the most popular hunting pastimes. At The Hunting Grounds, we offer an unforgettable wild turkey hunting experience that is sure to thrill the avid huntsman. To help you prepare for your next wild turkey hunting excursion, here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind when hunting wild turkey.

    Master the Calls

    To help you attract wild turkeys to your hunting area, it is important to master a variety of turkey calls. Turkeys have many different calls at various times of the day, including clucks, purrs, and cackles. When preparing for your next turkey hunting trip, it can be helpful to listen to recordings of all of the different types of turkey calls.

    Keep Your Distance

    While the majority of turkey hunts occur in open areas, it is important to keep your distance to avoid alarming or exciting the tom and hens. Turkeys use sight rather than scent to detect your presence, so it is a good idea to remain concealed using camouflage and a face mask. Concealing yourself behind a tree is another way to get close without exciting a tom.

    Use Decoys

    When hunting wild toms, the use of decoys can be extremely effective. After making your calls, you can lure the tom using a hen or gobbler decoy. Engaging the tom using calls and a decoy will give you time to line up your shot. Remember to cover your decoys with fluorescent orange when you are carrying them back from the hunt.

    If you are dreaming of your next turkey hunting trip, contact The Hunting Grounds to learn more about the unique experience we have to offer you. Along with our superior Whitetail deer herd, we offer turkey hunting, big game hunting, and more. To learn more about how you can bag your next big trophy at our Missouri hunting lodge, call us at (870) 405-6469. 

    An Inside Look at the Yearly Elk Brawl

    Last updated 6 months ago

    During the fall season, elk bulls begin their seasonal rut. During the rut, the elk bulls gather to challenge and fight one another to see who will win mating rights. To take an exciting inside look at the yearly elk brawl, watch this video from National Geographic.

    At The Hunting Grounds, we offer a wide range of trophy hunting experiences that you will never forget. Our Missouri hunting ranch offers a variety of exotic and unique game, including elk, antelope, and Corsican. Call us today at (870) 405-6469 to start planning your next hunting trip at our world class game hunting ranch. 

    Missouri Hunting Regulations In 2013

    Last updated 6 months ago

    The state of Missouri is home to a wide variety of wildlife. When you visit The Hunting Grounds, you will have the opportunity to hunt our whitetail herd, as well as a range of other unique and thrilling game. As you are planning your next hunting trip, it is important to be aware of state hunting regulations. Here is an overview of Missouri hunting regulations in 2013.

    Hunting and Trapping Permits

    In order to legally hunt or trap in the state of Missouri, you must be in possession of the appropriate permits. If you were born on or after Jan 1, 1967, you are required to complete an approved hunter education course. Depending on what type of game you intend to hunt, there are a number of different types of Missouri hunting permits available to purchase. It is important to carry your permit with you at all times when you are hunting.

    Legal Firearms

    The state of Missouri provides a list of firearms that approved for hunting. Legal hunting firearms include pistols, rifles, revolvers, shotguns, and crossbows. No automatic firearms are permitted for any hunting purposes. When hunting game birds, shotguns are the only approved hunting method.

    Other Special Regulations

    There are other special regulations for hunters in Missouri. Baiting rules apply to migratory birds, turkey, and deer. In addition, special rules apply to the use of motor driven vehicles, as well as the use of artificial lights when hunting. Be sure to review the Missouri Hunting and Trapping Regulations handbook for a full list of regulations.

    When you visit The Hunting Grounds, you are sure to have a once in a lifetime hunting experience. Our Missouri game ranch offers a variety of trophy hunting experiences, and our hunting guides will help you design an experience that is fully suited to your needs. To learn more about planning your next hunting trip at our Missouri lodge, call us at (870) 405-6469.

    The Hunting Grounds Testimonial

    Last updated 7 months ago

    Watch this video to see why you should make The Hunting Grounds your next trip!

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